Johnia Berry Act Approved

Knoxville (WVLT) - A family who has suffered unbearable grief after their daughter’s murder, is getting another glimmer of hope, after a bill is passed Wednesday in her name.

Johnia Berry was murdered two years ago, and the case is unsolved.

WVLT spoke with Johnia's mother, Joan, who spent the day in Nashville where lawmakers unanimously passed the Johnia Berry Act.

This act will mean anyone arrested for a violent felony after July 1st will be required to give a DNA sample. That sample will then be kept in the DNA data base.

"Very emotional time for us,” Joan Berry says. “Who knows, maybe this law will help find the person who murdered Johnia, but you know if it doesn't, hopefully it will help other families so they don't have to endure what we've gone through.”

The bill now goes on to the Governor’s desk for his signature. The Berrys tell us they still have hope Johnia's case will be solved.

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