Lawman, Friend Remembered One Year After Shootings

(WVLT) - A respected lawman and his friend who were gunned down are being remembered on the one-year anniversary of the deadly shooting. Friday, family, friends, and men and women in blue will remember fallen Roane County Deputy Bill Jones and his ride-along friend Mike Brown with a memorial ceremony.

Law officers call it an ambush...the cruiser and body of 53-year-old Roane Deputy Bill Jones were hit with dozens of bullets; so was the body of Jones' 44-year-old ride-along friend Mike Brown, a former Athens policeman.

911 Tape : "Two officers that are down and they believe they are dead. Okay ma'am."

The deputy and his friend lost their lives along Route 58, south of Kingston outside the home of 45-year-old Houston and his 47-year-old brother Leon.

The Houston's are charged in the deaths and may go to trial in June of 2008...authorities say the brothers have a history of run-ins with police.

The memory of the deadly shooting is still vivid for those who worked May 11th last year.

"It is in the back of your mind every day that you put your uniform on and come to work," Jack Stockton says.

Roane county Sheriff Jack Stockton became close friends with Deputy Jones...the veteran cop trained the sheriff to be back when Stockton entered police work in 1983.

"There's a bleeding wound that never seems to heal until there's closure to a case, particularly in the death of a law enforcement officer, and I think once that we put a closure on it, that those wounds will heal over time," Sheriff Jack Stockton says.

Brown's mother, Pat Brown, says she's happy her son will be remembered, and tells Volunteer TV that, quote, " I don't know how you recover from this, something like this just doesn't disappear."

Meantime, community members will remember Brown and Jones on the tragedy's first anniversary.

"The remorseful feelings is something that just don't go away," Sheriff Stockton says.

Tomorrow the Roane County Sheriff's Department will remember Deputy Jones and Mike Brown and all other officers who've lost their lives in the county, dating back to the 1800's...they'll hold the remembrance ceremony at 3 o'clock on the old courthouse lawn near the gazebo.

Next week, Deputy Jones' name will be added to the fallen officers wall in Washington, D.C. as part of police memorial week.

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