East Tennesseans Buy Flowers For Mom

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- A cliche seem to ring true on most every Mother's Day.

Business is blooming for flower shops, in part, because sons, husbands and boyfriends, can't quite seem to remember exactly when Mothers Day is.

"Usually, by Saturday it's mostly taken care of because people want to make sure their mothers or grandmothers have the flowers on time to enjoy all day Sunday," said Todd Murphy, manager of the Crouch Florist shop on Kingston Pike.

Their paths might never cross anywhere else, but there's no mistaking the magnet drawing Herman Drew.

"Whether it be Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas," Drew said.

"I'm not a planner," said Norman Cronin, "I do everything at the last minute."

To Crouch Florist this Mother's Eve.

"Really, Mother's Day is like our Christmas," Murphy said. "For the last three or four days, they've been working 12 hours a day. We've had six or eight designers, sometimes ten designers working twelve hours a day.

The Crouch S.O.P. (standard order of protocol) is to order their supplies back in March.

And remember that T.L.C. demands Q.C.

Quality Control.

"Making sure everything's fresh and everything's perfect," Murphy said, "You have got to be perfect."

So that is the price for procrastination.

"Everybody's gotten everything so it's really last pickings," Drew said.

That still won't compromise the presentation.

"Mom's important," Murphy said. "Everybody wants to remember her and make sure she's taken care of"

The wife too.

"She doesn't know she's getting this so that's going to be a surprise," Herman said.

For her, Herman picked the Yellow Rose.

With his heart on his sleeve and the bill, on his card it was time to go home.

The thanks he'll get could be priceless.

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