Debuty's New Home Coming Along

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Friendsville (WVLT) -- For the second straight weekend, volunteers helped Friendsville live up to its name by helping build a home for a family who lost their house, and four children to a fire.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford shows us how the spirit's shone on the Debuty's soon to be home.

Nearly 100 volunteers came to Friendsville to lend a hand for the Debuty's, some with Joseph Construction, others throughout East Tennessee just wanting to help.

"I knew one of the children, in particular, that died, and felt just a great loss myself and wanted to be a part of helping to rebuild the house," said Russ Barber who lives in West Knoxville.

Barber says he thinks about the four lost children as he prepares the tresses.

"It does give you kind of a special feeling knowing that this is where the house was that burned, but they're going to have a new house here," Barber said.

"We are framing the exterior walls and putting the roof on the house," said Justin Marcus who works for the Joseph Construction Company.

With every swing of the hammer the house is one step closer to becoming a home.

"It'll be a four bedroom home, two baths," Marcus said.

"It makes me feel really good that people want to come help us," said Amanda Debuty.

Amanda says memories of her four children strongly surface as the new house goes up.

"I think about the circumstances that have brought this about," Amanda said. "I can't not think about that, but at the same point, that's in the past."

Her present focus is on her survivor, three year old Raymond.

"Look, you'll have these really cool poles to climb," Amanda said.

Raymond seems to love what he see so far.

"These are what make the floor stay up," Amanda said.

The little guy even showed the crane operator a thing or two, with his father, Ross, looking on proudly.

"My family and I have all of East Tennessee and beyond taking care of us," Amanda said.

The next volunteer day takes place in a few weeks.

For more information on the project to rebuild the Debuty's home, you can click on the link below.

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