Underage Beer Sting Cites 7 Businesses

Knoxville (WVLT) - Graduation time, prom season, a time of the year when we can't take any chances when it comes to protecting our children.

That's why this news is especially troubling, seven establishments cited for allegedly serving alcohol to minors.

Here's the list: the Gas Mart on Clinton Highway, The Maxx on Kingston Pike, Kick Shots on Chapman Highway, MacLeod's on Market Street, Paul's Oasis on Kingston Pike, Los Arcos on Chapman Highway and the Red Iguana on South Central.

The owner of The Maxx tells WVLT she's in New York right now and they plan on fighting the citation, but wouldn't say exactly why.

But Kick Shots owner says they're grateful for KPD and getting ready to change their ways.

"They had a cadet come out and we check them at the door, try to check all ID's. We mark underage people,” says Richard Lawhorn, Kick Shots owner.

Kick Shots on Chapman Highway was one of seven businesses busted for serving to minors by Knoxville Police Friday.

"We normally have their wrists or hands marked and they came up to the bar and held their hands underneath the bar, which the girl that served didn't see it and went ahead and served without checking the ID,” Lawhorn says.

The bartender was arrested for selling to a minor and Kick Shots was fined $1,500, its second citation in the two years it’s been open.

"We've been checked plenty of times before. We've always done good up until here,” that's why owner Richard Lawhorn says they're talking about changing their door policy starting this weekend. "After eight o'clock at night, just if you're not 21, not allowing people in."

The owner of MacLeod's on Market Square says they ID everyone at the door, but they were busy Friday night. He says the bar tender was flustered and made a mistake. This is MacLeod's second citing in five years.

The Red Iguana is no stranger to underage citations, this makes three in the last three years. Their lawyer tells WVLT they're intensely investigating the situation.

"It's good that they do it. It's important that we have laws in place and stuff to ensure that underage people don't drink,” Lawhorn says they have weekly meetings with their bartenders to try to enforce it. "We're going to do our best to ensure it doesn't happen anymore."

We also spoke with the Los Arcos owner on Chapman Highway, he said he was not available to comment on what happened, this is their first citation in two years.

KPD ran the sting on 40 business Friday.

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