Archer Finds A New Home

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Morristown, Hamblen County (WVLT) - Archer the dog in Hamblen County finally has a place to call home.

It's been a harrowing ordeal for the dog who survived multiple arrows shots.

Hamblen County animal control officers say 43-year-old David Thomas signed a confession saying he shot Archer the dog several times with the intent to kill him.

Authorities say Thomas called to report Archer had been injured.

Archer had a second chance on life now the little guy gets a second chance on love as he makes his recovery he's making a new friend, new family, and new home.

“I’m getting more attached to him everyday,” Jodi Lawson has been caring for Archer since the beginning.

“I held him through the anesthesia and then I was there with them the whole time till he woke up,” she says.

Doctors say sending Archer home with someone familiar is best because he needs the extra special care.

“He’s been good here, but we'll have to watch him closely at home because he will be totally free,” Jodi says.

He's still limping a little, but since he will be living locally, doctors can continue to monitor Archer's recovery and Jodi can continue to enjoy his company.

They've received calls and emails from as far away as San Diego and New York City. The doctors say its best to keep him close to home.

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