Miraculous Miranda: Part I

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Do you believe in modern day miracles? This story will surely inspire struggling parents who need a little hope.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone has part one of a special series titled Miraculous Miranda.

Donna Renfro was living a parent's nightmare. Her five year old daughter was going to die without a medical breakthrough to save her from a rare disease. Desperate and distraught, Donna started keeping a diary which chronicled her uphill journey.

That was eight years ago. Today, her daughter is a healthy teenager, and this East Tennessee mom is compelled to share her story with anyone who doesn't know God or have hope.

When Miranda Renfro was five years old, she routinely suffered from random blindness, paralysis, headaches, and rapid weight gain. Cushings Disease caused her body to produce exceptionally high levels of cortisol, and the genetic hormonal imbalance was going to kill her if doctors couldn't find the root of her disease.

"So we were looking for a tumor that you couldn't see, and if they didn't take it out, she was going to die," Renfro said.

Miranda has the intermittent form of Cushings Disease, which proved difficult for doctors to find the cause. Her Cushings cycles didn't last long enough to gather the proper test results.

"My heart was broken because I knew doctors didn't get test results they needed. As I stood there talking to nurses, a man with a foreign accent walked by and stopped. He said you pray to your God, and He will heal her," Renfro said.

That was eight years ago, but Donna Renfro's painful memories are vivid. Desperate and distraught over Miranda's diagnosis, Donna started keeping a daily journal. She's recently published her entries in a book titled "Miraculous Miranda" hoping to inspire others.

"So when you read the book, it's not hindsight. It's not me going back. It's while we're in the middle of it. So you definitely know the pain we went through," Renfro said. "It was devastating to have the very best doctor in her field at that time tell us you're going to need a medical research breakthrough."

There were more obstacles ahead. About two months after Miranda's diagnosis, her old brother, Micah, was found to have rare, but potentially deadly disease. Neurofibromatosis. N.F. Is a genetic nervous disorder that causes tumors to grow throughout the body. The news of two sick children sent Donna into a very dark place.

"I hated my life. I loved my husband, children, family, church and job but I hated my life. I wanted out of this nightmare and no exit doors existed," Renfro said.

Donna says she fought with God daily and prayed for a way out of this nightmare. The answer would come with another tragedy. In fact, Donna had the answer all along.

Wednesday night at eleven, Liz will show you how this story ends in healing, both physically and spiritually for the Renfro family, in part two of 'Miraculous Miranda.'

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