Michael's Under New Ownership

Knoxville (WVLT) - A new West Knoxville nightclub is set to open at the former location of Michael's restaurant and bar...

Michael's voluntarily surrendered its beer permit following allegations it served alcohol to underage or visibly drunk customers.

Construction crew members work to overhaul the old Michael's restaurant and bar interior...

Meantime, the nightclub's new owner has met with knoxville beer board members to assure them she'll be a good community member, following all laws that govern businesses that sell alcohol.

"I'm very concerned about the future of that property," Barbara Pelot says.

Councilwoman Barbara Pelot represents Bearden residents in the district where the palace nightclub is located...she's met with Lisa G. Smith, who's listed on a city beer permit application as an independent owner.

"Lisa and I have had numerous conversations about the importance of that being once again an excellent restaurant, a very good meeting place and without the character that became such a negative for the City of Knoxville," Pelot says.

The city had filed a petition to revoke Michael's beer permit citing 27 D.U.I arrests linked to the club, ten arrests for public intoxication inside the bar, and 11 citations for overserving or serving underage customers. Also, two pedestrians were struck and killed by vehicles outside the Kingston Pike club.

"There's always concern when it comes to a location that we've had problems with," Steve Hall says.

Beer Board Chairman Steve Hall says he wants to ensure that the new owner has no connection to the Michael's ownership group.

"There'll probably be some beer board members that will ask some very pointed questions to the potentially new operators," Hall says.

Pelot says it's her understanding that The Palace owners have met all legal requirements.

"We would have no reason to withhold a permit," Pelot says.

Palace owner Lisa Smith prefers not to go on camera until her new venture is a go.

If the Knoxville Beer Board issues The Palace a beer permit, the former Michael's nightclub will re-open in three weeks on Thursday, June 7th.

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