Delivery Drivers Face Higher Gas Prices

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Maryville (WVLT) - The price you're paying for a gallon of gas here in East Tennessee is just under three dollars, about $2.91 to be exact.

That can be especially tough for businesses that use a lot of gas to make deliveries.

WVLT Volunteer TV’s Blount County Bureau Chief Stephen McLamb was in Maryville to find out if delivery drivers will be passing on the service to you.

Paying higher gas prices for drivers can be frustrating, but that's the same for delivery drivers.

At Papa Johns in Maryville, they've had a delivery add on cost for a year but it looks like customers are starting to get used to it.

"A lot of customers understand and they understand even when the drivers come to their houses and say here's a couple extra bucks. I know gas is crazy right now,” says Dan Turner, Papa Johns Pizza Manager.

Washington Cleaners is one of the few if not only place in Maryville you can get dry cleaning service delivery. They've watched the price of gas for deliveries go up as well.

"When I first starting doing deliveries you used to be able to get five dollars out of the cash drawer and do the deliveries. Now, it's twenty,” says Mike Grindstaff from Washington Cleaners.

Dan Turner says they've always felt it was best to use a delivery add on instead of a price hike so people understand. "We didn't want to feel like we're trying to charge you more. This is something we're trying to absorb."

Delivery charges for a pair of pants from Washington Cleaners is just twenty cents more. So with rising gas prices they say it's something they have to watch.

"We try to keep our prices, you know, lower and everything but sometimes we have to have a small price increase to cover the gas prices,” Grindstaff says they did that just six months ago and hope they won't have to anytime soon.

At Papa Johns, other costs are helping hold on for now.

"Luckily our food costs, it hasn't gone up. It hasn't gone anywhere. It's stayed kind of steady the last few months so that really helps,” says Turner.

Both Turner and Grindstaff say they do not have a magic price when they consider raising or lowering delivery costs, but have to take other factors into consideration before doing so.

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