Woman Who Came Face to Face With Double Murder Suspect Speaks Out

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Knoxville (WVLT) - One day after Channon Christian's murder, a woman says she was robbed at gunpoint by one of the suspects, Lemaricus Davidson.

Becky Hancock is the general manager of the Tennessee Theatre.

She says she stopped by the Pizza Hut on Broadway, Monday January 8th, after work, to pick up dinner.

Hancock says as she opened her purse near the counter to pay, a man came over to her with a gun and said, ‘give me your purse’. "He grabbed my purse. I just threw my shoulder back and said, no, you can't have it. And when I did that, the strap on my purse broke."

Hancock says the man ran away with only her strap, and she identified him in a photo lineup two days later, as Lemaricus Davidson.

The next day police found Davidson and arrested him for the double murder of Christian and Newsom.

"I consider myself extremely fortunate and my heart continues to go out to the families of the two young people that were killed, because they're the real victims in this whole case,” she says.

Hancock says maybe because Davidson didn't get her money or her car that kept him in town long enough for the police to track him down.

She says she'll never forget the look in Davidson’s eyes that night at the Pizza Hut.

Hancock asks that we all continue to pray for the Christian and Newsom families.

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