KY Guard On Border Delayed In Return Home

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Middlesboro, KY (WVLT) -- More than 100 Kentucky National Guard Troops will have to wait one more day to come home due to aircraft issues.

May 5th was a day of good-byes as 120 soldiers packed their bags, loaded their buses and headed to Yuma, Arizona. Troops were expected to set up 11 positions along the U.S.- Mexican border.

It has been three weeks in Arizona, but soldiers with the Delta Company saw their job as necessary.

"We set up what was basically an observation, listening post, and that was just to detect illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S.," said First Lieutenant Christopher Jackson, a soldier in the Delta Company, out of the Mountain War Battalion.

Jackson said it reminded him of his stay in Iraq as he battled the scorching temperatures reaching 105 degrees.

"We took the mission seriously because there are illegal immigrants doing bad things, selling drugs; you have your drug runners, and you have people that want to do harm to the U.S," Lt. Jackson said. "We spotted over 200 illegal immigrants, we had 82 arrests and we had a 1200 pound marijuana bust,"

Troops have been delayed because they have experienced some airplane issues on their way back to Middlesboro. They are coming home, they say, but it will just be a little longer than expected.

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