THP Led On Wild Car Chase

Anderson County (WVLT) -- A routine traffic stop turned into a wild high speed chase for the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

The pursuit began on Interstate 75 when a trooper pulled over a man doing 80 in a 55 zone.

Once the trooper went to approach the driver's vehicle, the man drove away and exited the interstate at Emory Road.

The driver allegedly weaved through traffic and a neighborhood. The driver reached a dead end and crashed into a fence, drove across a field and entered back onto Emory Road.

"This is his fourth offense, he's been arrested for a DUI and this is his fourth offense, which is a felony DUI charge," said Lt. Larry French of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. "He's also had his license revoked for prior DUI's. These are the people we are out here trying to get off the highways that just keep breaking the law, that just keep drinking and driving."

The chase came to an end after the driver got back on I-40. He traveled another 10 miles before finally pulling over around the 122 mile marker in Anderson County.

Lt. French told reporters that troopers would have called off the chase if the man they were pursuing was sober.

The driver is now at the hospital undergoing a blood alcohol test. After treatment he will be taken to the Knox County Jail.

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