Memorial Day In East Tennessee

For at least 125 years, our nation has set aside one day to honor those who lost their life fighting for our country.
The first Memorial Day observance was held for Civil War veterans.
Today, it's a time to remember those who died in many other conflicts, and for some, a time to remember those who are still at war.
A simple drum cadence...Serving notice that the true meaning for the holiday is approaching.
It's a yearly honor that began at the National Cemetery in Knoxville in 1920, and pays tribute to the 8600 veterans buried there.
And for many families, it's also a time to honor those who are still serving our country today.
Julie Kellian attended one of the services to honor veterans.
"I think its really important that we support our troops, also i have two cousins who are in the military. And i think its important that we honor the troops and honor the things they do everyday for us."
Knoxville historic High School is home to one of the Memorial Day laying of the wreath ceremonies.
As well as a doughboy draped in red white and blue...And veterans who are eager to remind us all about the days significance.
Commander of the American Legion Post Number Two in Knoxville, Marty Everett says, "Memorial day is when you honor the veterans that have fallen and didn't come back."
An amazing grace remembrance filled the air at the Bass Pro Shop in Sevier County.
While American flags, a sense of pride, and a simple thanks filled Veterans Cemetery in Knoxville.
World War Two Veteran John Strange says,"It means everything to us because it's our freedom that we fought for. It's the ones that's laying here that fought for our freedom."