Bugs Looking for Water in Your Home

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Knoxville (WVLT) - One look at your garden or yard and you can tell, we really need rain, but even if you don't have either, you're probably still feeling the effects inside your home.

The reason, it's not just crops looking for water. As Volunteer TV's Allison Hunt found out, bugs are invading our homes looking for it, too.

You've probably noticed more ants around than usual.

They need water just like everything else these days, and although you'll find them anywhere, you can keep them from crawling into your home to find it.

"Ants are just about everywhere, they're so small it's impossible to seal them out of the home,” says Dayton Hylton, from Dayton's Pest Control.

And it's even harder with this dry weather. Ants are searching for water and they may be looking for it in your home.

"Any entry point, could be windows, doors, could be water pipe, electric pipes. Sometimes there's just cracks in the foundation that they come in,” says Hylton.

So the best way to keep bugs out is to have your home sprayed.

"It's a non-repellent insecticide, so what that means is it's an insecticide that the ants have no clue is there. When they crawl back and forth across it they track it back to their nest or colony,” says Hylton.

Which keeps your home pest-free for about 90 days, but if they're already inside.

"You're going to want to go with a product that's gonna have no smell, no staining that's going to be long-lasting,” says Shawn Boothe from Lowe’s.

Ants are mostly a nuisance, but it's still a good idea to get the problem taken care of.

"They might get in your food, and of course there's a possibility of contamination but they don't do damage to your house,” Hylton says.

Making sure ants aren't pestering customers has kept Dayton's Pest Control very busy.

Technicians are spraying 15 to 20 homes a day.

"We're running from one home to the next and then occasionally we get calls to go back to a home that we've sprayed a month or so back,” Hylton says.

To prevent ants from crawling into your home, make it difficult for them to find what they're looking for.

Inside, clean up spilled food and drinks, and rinse jars or containers before throwing them away.

Outside, trim trees and shrubs from touching your house, keep rain gutters clean and don't leave garbage, dog or cat food out for long periods of time.

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