Surveillance Pictures Show Jacksboro Pharmacy Robbers

(WVLT) - Police in Campbell County are looking for the suspects that broke into a pharmacy and stole some prescription drugs.

Surveillance pictures show three people with their faces covered breaking the glass door at the Riggs Pharmacy in Jacksboro earlier this week.

The suspects then went behind the pharmacy counter and raided the shelves and left within just minutes.

Police say the pharmacy is still trying to figure out exactly what was taken.

Investigators say a surveillance shot shoes the suspects' getaway car was a full sized, mid to late 2000, E-350 series van.

The van had two-tone paint, possibly gray or blue over silver.

It also had running boards and a black drivers side front fender and hood.

If you have any information on the suspects or this vehicle, call the LaFollette Police Department at 423-562-8332.

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