Crews Find Body of Missing Man in The Sinks

Townsend (WVLT) - The body of a man who fell into some choppy waters and never resurfaced in Blount County has been recovered.

Authorities say the 24-year-old man disappeared after he fell into an area of the Little River known as "The Sinks," near Townsend around 5:30 Monday night.

The Blount Special Operation Response Team recovered the body just before 1:00am.

Crews say the cold water, rapids, and poor visibility slowed their search.

"The Sinks is a real treacherous area. It's got a lot of current, a lot of swift water. The water's pretty churned up, so it's pretty dark, you can't see very well," said Bill Wright, Chief Ranger.

Investigators aren't releasing the name of the victim at this time.

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