Homicide victim's business struck by gunfire

Shannon Hercutt
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Pigeon Forge, TN (WVLT) -- Police are continuing their investigation into the mysterious death of a Sevier County woman who died as a result of a homicide and made to look like a tragic accident.

But now Pigeon Forge police are trying to find out who and why someone would want to fire numerous shots at her former business, hitting the front door with two people inside.

Ted Hercutt is surprised about hearing his daughter Shannon's business, Auntie Belham's, was hit by gunfire.

He's left to wonder if it had anything to do with her murder.

"And whoever murdered Shannon got the job done, that part.
Why would they keep continuing doing something else to her?" says Ted Hercutt, Shannon's father.

Ted Hercutt is shocked learning Monday that his late daughter Shannon's business, Auntie Belham's was fired upon by a gunman just a couple weeks ago but nobody was hurt.

Shannon Hercutt was found murdered in her SUV August 3rd but left her business to relatives including her sister Penny.

"I'm just glad nobody got hurt and my daughter wasn't there."

Pigeon Forge police say a gunman fired three shots into the front door of Auntie Belham's Realty and Nightly Rentals November 20th.

They estimate at least eight shots were fired altogether.

The incident adds just one more question to the many questions Hercutt has.

"Somebody shooting it up, somebody killing her. It just doesn't.....none of it adds up to me right now," says Hercutt.

Also mysterious for Hercutt is a blog his wife found over the weekend, someone wanting pictures of him and his daughter Penny.

"I'm worried. Is somebody going to go try to kill my other daughter?" says Hercutt.

It's been four months now since the murder of Shannon and still no arrest.

"Nobody seems to know anything. Everybody is still just upset it's never been solved yet," says Hercutt.

But Hercutt feels the shooting of Shannon's business is just another question in her mysterious death.

"Could it be somebody that's involved with the murder or is there more vendettas going on than what we know about?" says Hercutt.

Auntie Belham's co-owner John Madewell says his employees have been getting over the incident and have been very supportive.

He also says additional security has been put in place since the incident.

At this point, Pigeon Forge police say they have no suspects or vehicle description.

But they are continuing to work the case and it is an ongoing investigation.

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