UT Researchers Rediscover Tennessee Statesman

Knoxville (AP) -- Researchers at the University of Tennessee want to boost the profile of politician, statesman and diplomat Cordell Hull.

Hull was born in a Pickett County log cabin in 1871.

As a congressman, he authored the federal income tax in 1913 and the inheritance tax in 1916.

He was Secretary of State under President Franklin Roosevelt for eleven years, longer than any secretary before or since. In 1945, hull received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on international trade and, secondarily, for laying the groundwork for the United Nations.

But besides his memoirs, only two major biographies have been written of Hull, who died in 1955.

The Howard Baker Center for Public Policy at UT says that makes Hull an "understudied statesman."

The Center has begun gathering Hull's most important papers and records with the intent of publishing them in a ten-volume collection.

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