Playhouses Auctioned For Charity

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Kidzteam along with several local construction companies set out to raise money for a good cause.

Kidzteam is a local nonprofit organization that donates goody bags to the parents of children being seen at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital.

Local construction workers were building playhouses to be auctioned off to raise money for Kidzteam.

"We're building them for charity and tickled to death to be here," said Stacy Womble, a construction worker that has donated his time to build playhouses to benefit Kidzteam.

"I've been in their situation before and when you know there's people out there that care about you and want to help, it's the best feeling in the world, knowing that you're not alone and that people understand what you're going through," said Bryan Bulter with Kidzteam. He son suffered with leukemia a while back and he is able to put himself in the shoes of other families with similar issues.

"Compared to what we do everyday, it's about the same," said Womble. The playhouses are built for children to enjoy in their backyards.

"Not any difference except for the size of the project," said Bill Stone with Homefixin'. Although the playhouses are smaller than what they are accustomed, Stone and others are still putting as much effort into the playhouses as they would with any other project.

"We got a chop saw and a scale saw and a couple of nail guns that speed up the process," said Stone, but nothing more than that. Construction workers planned to put as much tender loving care into the project as they possibly could.

"I see a bunch of great people doing a great thing for families and kids in East Tennessee," said Butler. He hopes that projects like these will become more popular in the Knoxville area.

"We're hoping someones going to come out here and make a great difference today," said Vince Fortner with Cornerstone Roofing Services. His company was responsible for placing a roof on the playhouses built.

The auction today raised more than $7,000. The monies will help Kidzteam to continue making goody bags for parents of patients in the Children's Hospital.

It costs about $150-200 to make the bags donated by Kidzteam.

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