Man Arrested for Animal Abuse

(WVLT) - Investigators in Pulaski County, Kentucky are dealing with what they say is one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they've ever seen.

Police arrested 30 year-old Ronald Turner Monday for nearly killing an 8 month-old puppy.

Police say Turner hit, choked, and slammed the labrador to the ground and also rolled a dog house on top of the puppy.

A neighbor caught the entire thing on tape.

Officers that have seen it say it's very difficult to watch.

"The officers who have seen it, just about every one was emotional moved by it," said Detective Shannon Smith with the Somerset Police. "To see somebody physically abuse, intentionally abuse, an animal like this, we're not use to this, it was difficult to watch."

The dog, named Romeo, is now recovering at Pulaski County animal control with scars and injuries to his throat.

If he's convicted of animal cruelty, Turner could receive up to a year in jail.

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