8 Questions with Holly Warlick

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)-- "My father, the love for the game and how he handled people, my 5th grade teacher Catherine Chuck, who gave me an opportunity to be in sports, I couldn't afford to be in sports, I look at people who inspire me along the way that have helped me.
Then I turn to those who have had struggles who have injuries and they beat the odds, they beat the odds. those people help me understand each day that I get up, it truly is a blessing".

I asked her if that fire is just as strong as when she played.
"I think in my mind I can still go out and play the game",

And Pat Summitt still has a big influence on her.
"Does she still council you? I love her being around, I love her being around our players, yes I ask for her opinion, I think it's more lighthearted than it used to be which I love."

Holly now occupies the big office with a whole wing dedicated to assistants, pictures and trophies. But despite the amenities.
"What is it that you feel they need more of?

Probably the discipline, I think the one on one communication is missing, there's so much media
and technology now, they text each other when they're in the same room, we try to get them to engage each other, I would think parents would continue to want to have one on one conversations."

"We're their family, we're their mom, we're their dad, it's up to us to mold them obviously on the court, in the classroom, get them ready for life".

Just like it did for Holly.

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