8 Questions with Rev. Harold Middlebrook

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.(WVLT)-- "I preached my first sermon January 1, 1961. I was a freshman student at Morehouse College".

But Rev. Harold Middlebrook admits preaching wasn't his first choice.
He wanted to be the first black Perry Mason.

"So what did you preach about?
"Love, the seed of a dual birth.
"So, how do you show love as a preacher when people around you don't like you because
you're black?"
"We anticipated that God was going to send a revolution, I used to hear the old preachers saying
God is going to send us another Moses.My question was..are we going to be ready?"
"What is your most defining moment?
"I guess the defining moment was when we were arrested in Atlanta as a student at Morehouse with
Dr. King,
and I got a chance to see, and be with Dr.King for a number of days in the jail cell."
"I think THE moment if I had to say there's a defining moment was April 4th, 1968.
To stand on the parking lot and watch Dr. King fall, having been shot,
was the moment that says when you make a
commitment, it involved your total being.
2:17:40 2:17:35-"There was an old song we used to sing in the black church it said I made the world and
it follows the do, I'm following Jesus and I'm following through".And that really became a changing moment in my
life because it says if you're going to do it, you've got to do it totally, you've got to give it your all,. and i think that moment
has never let me turn back."

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