8 Questions with Ted Hall

KNOXVILLE,Tenn.(WVLT)-- As many of you know, Ted Hall is joining the Local 8 News team. He will be anchoring Local 8 News at 6 & 11. So we decided to put something together for you to get to know him a little better.

Alan Williams set down with Ted as part of his '8 Questions' series.

Alan: What kind of personality are you?

Ted: "If I was in a room and I wasn't supposed to be the emcee of that, you may not notice I wasn't even there, if I don't have to be the center of attention, I'm pulling way back. This job gives us the opportunity to get the attention that a lot of people crave so that when we're off this job, that's the last thing you want. So you won't see me competing for the loudest in the room, ever."

Alan: What kind of stories do you like to do?

Ted: "You know, the kind that drive me sometimes aren't the ones that wews directors like. My favorite stories I've liked are the guy who
actually competed in a legitimate triathlon even though he doesn't have legs below the knee on both, and the stories that people manage to accomplish something that you wouldn't expect them to.
I like stories about regular people and how regular people get through life."

Alan: Take us through how you ended up here. Where you started and where you've been.

Ted: "I was born in Minnesota, moved to Minneapolis, moved to Moscow
Idaho, moved to British Columbia, Canada for a long time, then back to Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Knoxville, Kansas, Knoxville, Atlanta, back to Knoxville."

Alan: How did that parlay into television?

Ted: "I always thought it was the coolest possible thing maybe cause I didn't get much exposure to it when we were in Canada, we got one channel. First stop was Goodland Kansas including 8 years in Atlanta. Every move to show and tell great stories on TV and now he's here with us.

Alan: What got you involved in tennis?

Ted: "I never played when I was here. But down there my wife got into a league, very social, so much fun that the husbands all started hanging out with the wives at the tennis parties, so I decided maybe we need to play too and have more social interaction together."

It even won him an Atlanta city championship. But it's his home life that he cherishes most.

Ted: "Colby is now 24 years old, he lives in Toronto, Canada. Logan is my daughter. She's 21, going to the University of West Georgia and the one most people have kept up with lately is Keaton, he's 17. We found out he had a cancerous brain tumor. He had a surgery six or seven years ago, and then had to have another one this past May."

Alan: What is it about East Tennessee that brought you back?

Ted: "East Tennessee got it's hooks in us big time it was ridiculous. We finally move to Atlanta and we kept thinking of how much we missed it here."

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