Ex-Coach Indicted For Rape

Clinton, Anderson County (WVLT) - He helped coach girls’ volleyball at Anderson County High School for more than eight years.

Tonight though, Jeffery Wayne Foster is accused of having an improper sexual relationship with one of those girls, facing charges that could put him in prison for two years.

But volunteer TV’s Gordon Boyd says the case raises questions about the timing and who may have known what, when.

Police say that the accuser came to them six months ago, but that the crimes occurred back in 2003.

“He was aware that an investigation was taking place, so I can't imagine that he was shocked by the fact that the grand jury returned an indictment,” says Clinton Police Chief Rick Scarbrough.

An indictment for three counts of statutory rape, alleging that 40-year-old Jeffrey Wayne Foster had sex with a 17-year-old girl he helped coach on Anderson County High School's volleyball team.

“The three incidents in which the individual is indicted for did not occur on school grounds, or during a school sponsored event,” says Scarbrough.

But police say, they're alleged to have occurred more than 3 years ago.

Coach Foster's alleged victim coming forward only after a lawyer cited the incidents in a separate lawsuit accusing Anderson County Schools of ignoring sex discrimination and harassment.

That attorney won't go on camera, but he claims he has evidence that fellow coaches, and Anderson County School officials not only knew of the relationship, they met with players and parents, to assure them Coach Foster would stay away from their daughters.

“He has a right to his opinion, and I can't really comment on a lot of these situations, because there are still cases pending,” says VL Stonecipher, Anderson County Schools Superintendent.

Foster remained an assistant coach almost a month after the rape investigation began.

Board Member Ron Hagans says Administrators have full authority to hire and fire whomever they wish, but that he never knew of any concerns about Foster's conduct.

“We interviewed people throughout the community, including the school district. Again our main focus was to make sure we were very thorough in this investigation,” says Scarbrough.

The Chief won't get specific, except, “we have no indications that there are any other victims in this matter.”

Coach Foster hasn't returned phone calls seeking comment.

When we showed up at the house, police list as his home address.

“Looking for Mister Foster? Uh, you have the wrong house.”

School Board Chairman Doctor John Burrell says board members heard, about four years ago that foster and his accuser had exchanged provocative e-mails detailing their alleged relationship, but that school officials couldn't get the girl, or her parents, or anybody else to come forward to accuse coach foster of doing anything wrong.

The accuser is now an adult.

Her lawyer says she's not ready to comment yet.

Jeff foster is free on bond, due back in court, a week from Friday.

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