East Tennesseans Waiting for iPhone Release

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's a phone. It's an I-pod. It's a technological revolution!

Folks lined up all over the country to get their hands on the new Apple I-phone, including here in East Tennessee.

Volunteer TV's Whitney Daniel stood with them for awhile Friday afternoon and has more.

Because it's much more than a phone, some say it's the best advancement in technology yet, and that it will re-shape the wireless industry.

The I-phone has so many features, it's no wonder it's so expensive, but those who stood in line to get one say it's time and money well worth it.

"I-phone mania!" buyer William Widby said.

That's an understatement...

"I can totally justify spending the money on something that's gonna be this high-tech," buyer Justin York said.

By "high-tech," he means a phone that's also an I-pod, a PDA, a camera and a computer.

"I don't need to carry this laptop, I can get my e-mail, I can do my web-browsing, I can look up maps. I can do everything with my phone," buyer Daniel Williams said.

And it's all right at your fingertips -- literally. The I-phone is virtual. There's no keypad, but there is a hefty price: $500 for the 4-gigabyte model and $600 for 8-gigs.

"It's a terrific deal, absolutely! And you'll be the coolest kid on the block!" Widby said.

The I-phone is so "cool" that some started lining up yesterday.

"I waited 20-hours, it's the best phone out on the market and I just really wanted it," buyer Tipton Dunn said.

"Cell phones are awesome and this one has web capabilities, and you can check your e-mail, all kinds of cool stuff, you can watch U-tube videos on it, it's an I-pod, just awesome," York said.

And it's an "awesome" time for technology -- just ask someone who's seen it all.

"This is an exciting day because the I-phone represents a change in how computers are going to be working from here on in. I'm old enough to remember going from main frames to PC's and now we're going from PC's to hand-held computers," Williams said.

"You get an I-pod, you get the best phone on the market, best one ever made," Dunn said. "I think it's a really good investment."

If you think about it, the $500 price tag isn't that unbelievable. You'll spend $200 on a PDA and about $200 on an I-pod, add the cost of a camera and a phone to that and that equals your I-phone price.

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