East Tenn. Quartermaster Unit Heads for Training

Gray, Tenn. (AP) -- Tennessee National Guard members are again training in Mississippi for deployment to Iraq.

More than 130 of them, who belong to the 730th Quartermaster Company, left their armory in Gray last night, headed to Camp Shelby.

Some soldiers are being deployed for a second time in the current war in Iraq.

There are also some soldiers in the unit who served in the Vietnam war.

Moe Molchan of Knoxville says the public's perception of service personnel is much better now than in the 1960s.

Molchan put it this way, "You're not a 'baby killer.' The community here is real supportive."

The departure Thursday was the second time a unit has moved out of Gray in less than a month.

The 176th Combat Sustainment and Support Battalion departed in June for eventual employment in Iraq.

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