UPDATE: Dog Owner Says His Dogs Didn’t Kill Colt

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Tallassee, Blount County (WVLT) - Deborah Lowery says her newborn colt was killed by her neighbor's dogs. The dog owner, Tony Green, faces one charge connected to the case.

But, he called WVLT and said he wanted to tell his side of the story.

So we sent Stephen McLamb out to meet him.

Quite simply he says the dogs that attacked the colt are not his and he has proof.

Lowery told WVLT authorities shot one of the attacking dogs and green says his dogs did not suffer any gunshots.

And green says the county's animal enforcement officer even told him his dogs were probably not at fault, even as he was cited by Blount County Sheriff's deputies.

"If they did and I thought they did, they'd done have a bullet in them,” Tony Green doesn't believe it was his two dogs that attacked and killed a neighbor's colt last week.

He believes it was two dogs abandoned by a neighbor that killed Deborah Lowery's young colt. "They was both bred Rottweilers in them but the one that looks like a lab just like ours."

Green says there were claims by the animal control officer that he shot one of the suspect dogs, but says his dogs are both fine and plans to subpoena the animal control officer on his behalf.

"He come up here looking and said he seen no blood trail, no blood on our dogs, or nothing. He didn't think that it was our dogs that did it,” Green says.

"Have y’all been able to identify Tony Green as the owner of one or some of them?” McLamb asks.

“No, can't confirm he actually owns these. Can't confirm that,” says Blount County Animal Control Officer Josh Everett.

But it was a Blount County Sheriff's deputy and not animal control that cited Green.

So what should you do if one of your animals is attacked by another? Some experts recommend you don't try to get personally involved.

"A lot of bite reports that we have done has been where they've tried to separate a dogfight,” says Maryville Animal Control Officer Eddie King.

King says a weapon should really be used as a last resort, "You need to get somebody out there that's experienced in that...that can get out there and respond like animal control."

King says you should also be aware of using guns to stop fighting dogs because some municipalities often have laws against shooting guns in city limits.

So, he says, to check your local laws.

Meanwhile, green has his day in court July 20th. He says he plans to move from the area.

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