Harry Potter Fans Love New Book

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- The wizardly wait is over, but for Harry Potter fans, the excitement has only begun.

This morning at midnight eager readers got their hands on the seventh, and final, book in the boy-wizard series.

Many spent all night up with Harry but this afternoon they closed the book for a few minutes and decided to share their thoughts with Volunteer TV News.

At midnight, it was Harry Potter pandemonium.

"I love Harry Potter," said Daniel Welse, and avid fan.

"Everybody's hot for Harry," said Marek Twarzynski, another midnight buyer.

Customer after customer was hot for Harry's last hoorah

More than 1000 wanna-be wizards and witches picked up the seventh, and final chapter in the series at the Knoxville Borders book store.

1000 people all right after the boxes opened at 12:01 this morning.

"You can't go without Harry at midnight," Twarzynski said.

The real magic started for Twarzynski just after the witching, or in his case, the wizarding hour ended.

He pulled an all-nighter, and as of this afternoon he was half way through the book.

"I took maybe an hour off to sleep," Twarzynski said.

Now in his back yard the 14-year-old still can't put down the book.

"It's just a constant what's going to happen next, what's going to happen next?" he said.

Wizardly words that have helped him deal with his real-life emotions.

"The whole thing is about being in school and going through that experience with teachers and students," Twarzynski said. "Kids and teenagers alike can relate very easily."

Hollie Adkisson also cracked the book just after midnight, but she started at the end.

"I had to know, I do that with all books," Adkisson said. "I'm so impatient."

We won't give it away, but she tells us the ending was spellbinding.

After delving into the last book in the series, Potter fans say Harry's just as magical this time around."

"I think that this book is a little more intense because the books have built up to this," Adkisson said.

The last page it won't be the end for Twarzynski.

"I will never get tired of Harry Potter," he says.

Because after nearly a decade, he's not just a character, but a friend.

The readers say they want to thank author J.K.. Rowling for giving them such a thrilling experience.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows marks the largest first print run ever.

12 million copies went on sale in the United States alone.

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