Former Judge Runs Over Utility Worker

Morristown, Hamblen County (WVLT) - A frightening scene for two utility workers in Morristown Monday.

Police say former Hamblen County Chancellor William Inman accidentally ran over a man with his car as the man was climbing out of a manhole.

The incident happened on West Morris Boulevard.

Investigators say the worker was dragged a short distance underneath Inman's car, Inman continued to drive about 100 yards when another car forced him to pull over.

Police say they think Inman was in the slow lane and switched lanes to pass another car and that's when he collided with the utility worker.

"When he struck several cones around the work area, police initially believe that the victim Brent Dailey, 21-years-old of Louisville Tennessee, was dragged by Mr. Inman's vehicle a short distance before he was released from the car,” says Bonnie Langdon from the Morristown Police Department.

Dailey is in stable condition at UT Medical Center, no charges have been filed.

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