Signing Up For CoverKids

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Hundreds of moms and dads can go to bed tonight knowing their children have a good chance for free health insurance.

Jada is two years old, but just one of 125,000 children in Tennessee without health insurance.

"My husband got a new job and we're not on his insurance yet," said Donna Moncur, Jada's mother. "My daughter has asthma and we kind of need it."

That's why Donna applied for CoverKids today.

"Her medicine's kind of expensive," Donna said. "It's about 90 dollars without insurance to pay and she has to have it like everyday, so we can't really afford that and groceries."

Cover Tennessee Coordinator Joe Burchfield says health insurance makes all the difference for children.

"A healthy kid is a happy kid that performs better in life, smarter, and just more productive," said Burchfield.

"I know that we can't afford the health insurance, but at the same time, I want to be a good parent and provide for my children," said Wendy Lathem who also applied today.

Lathem wasn't planning on going to the Walmart to apply, but something told her to head that way.

"I heard about this on the radio and I was like, wow, that's an answer to prayer because I've been really worried about insurance," Lathem, with three children said. "My older children need dental work and I just don't have anything I can do about it right now, my hands are tied."

"I've been stressing about keeping them well because I haven't been able to take them to the doctor, get their well checks," said Stephanie Carvin, a single mother who was also signing her child up. "TennCare dropped me a long time ago for my older kids, but they kept her and they said that they were too old."

But hopefully a burden is lifted for hundreds of parents today.

If you missed today's sign-ups, CoverKids will be at the Beltz Mall in Sevier County next Friday and Saturday.

You can find out if your family qualifies for the program by clicking on the link below.

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