Laser Printers As Harmful As Cigarettes?

A new study has identified the latest workplace hazard, and it may be sitting just a few feet away from your desk.

Researchers now say laser printers can release tiny particles into the air that can be harmful for you to breathe as much so as second hand smoke.

Researchers in Australia tested 62 printers and found some release particles of toner like material that can irritate your lungs. Of those, 37 had no emissions at all, but 17 of those had high emissions, some of those as bad as a lit cigarette.

The list of the High Level Emitter printers are:

HP Color Laser Jet 4650dn
HP Color Laser Jet 5550dtn
HP Color Laser Jet 8550N
HP Laser Jet 1320N
HP Laser Jet 1320n
HP Laser Jet 2420dn
HP Laser Jet 4200dtn
HP Laser Jet 4250n
HP Laser Jet 5(a)
HP Laser Jet 8000DN
HP Laser Jet 8150N
Toshiba Studio 450

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