Are Cell Phones OK in Local Schools?

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Many times parents get their child’s school code of ethics book and toss it aside, not paying close attention to the rules inside.

But there are many things you need to know to keep your child out of trouble, one of the biggest problems, cell phones.

Should you or shouldn’t you allow your child to take one, or even that iPod to school, Volunteer TV’s Stacy McCloud has more on Knox County’s policy.

Technology, it may give you instant access to your child, but it could also get them in trouble.

Knox county's school policy on having personal communication devices, that's handbook lingo for things like cell phones, BlackBerries, and pagers, has changed over the years, but is pretty cut and dry.

"You can have them, but they have to be in the off mode during the school day,” Lynn Hill, principal at Bearden High School, says she understands why children may need phones at school, but students and parents need to realize why there are such strict guidelines in place.

"Main reason is class disturbance. But what people may not know is that with cameras, they have caused problems with pictures being taken. Everything from exams and also the text messaging."

There are instances when your phone can be turned on at school.

Most of the time it's okay as long as it's before school starts for the day, or when the last bell rings.

Also, a principal can grant a student permission to use one of these devices at their discretion.

But what if they use the devices without permission?

First offense the phone will be confiscated and given to their parent, after that punishment varies from Saturday school, to in-school suspension, worse depending on what manner the phone was being used.

While it's not exactly a personal communication devise, the exact same policy holds true for mp3 players.

They are allowed on campus, they just can't be on or visible.

However parents are advised to have your child leave those at home, because the biggest problem the school sees with those is theft!

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