Learning About Global Climate Change

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Living in East Tennessee, we are constantly surrounded by nature.

Making sure that its beauty is still around for future generations is one of the reason's that climate change is currently a hot topic.

To help inform the public of the issue, the Knox County Public Library is presenting three lecturing sessions on climate change.

Each is taught by, Dr. Richard Weinstein, a University of Tennessee lecturer in Bio-Engineering.

"It gives the people a chance to get points clarified that they perhaps don't understand," said Dr. Weinstein, "and it gives a chance for people who are perhaps unconvinced to get a little bit deeper into the story and a little bit more robust scientific information."

Each of the sessions uses the movie an Inconvenient Truth as a basis for the topics it covers.

Sunday's presentation was at the Lawson McGhee Library.

On August 6th at 6 PM, the presentation will be given at the Fountain City branch and the next day at the same time at the West Knoxville branch.

For more information you can call 865-215-8767 or click on the link below.

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