Protecting Your Car in the Heat

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Knoxville (WVLT) - It's hard not to notice how the heat can break you down, but you also need to remember it could breakdown your car.

Hot summer temperatures can burn out your car in three main areas.

The first is your battery. Car shops see more battery failure during the summer than they do in the winter. That's because heat causes battery fluid to evaporate.

And that damages your battery's inner parts.

The second area to keep an eye on is your tires.

The increase in temperatures throughout the day will change your tire pressure. For every ten degrees the temperatures go up, you gain one pound of pressure.

If your tires’ pressure is not correct, the heat wears and tears your tires more. And could cause your tire to go flat or even blow out.

You should check your owner's manual to find out your car's recommended pressure.

The last area heat can ravage is your cooling system.

If your coolant's low, or not mixed properly with distilled water your engine could overheat.

Also, you’re A/C won't circulate right. And that will overwork your cooling system.

Car experts recommend checking all this out at a shop, before you have to check on the side of the freeway.

"When it's this hot for a long period of time, just go ahead and have your air and tires checked. Go ahead and have the battery checked. Go in and have your coolant system tested so you make sure you have the proper mixture of coolant and water in there," says Ray Fisher from Fisher Tire.

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