A/C Repairman Stays Busy in the Heat

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Alcoa, Blount County (WVLT) - It could perhaps be the most in-demand job in East Tennessee right now. The men and women sweating it out to keep you cool.

We're talking about air conditioning repair people.

WVLT Volunteer TV’s Stephen McLamb spent a couple of hours with one repairman and the pastor of a church who has been without cool air for two weeks.

After replacing three exterior fans, the pastor says he imagines the congregation will be singing praises tonight.

All thanks to some good, albeit hot work by the repairman.

After two weeks without air conditioning, the pastor at Praise Temple Assembly of God Church in Alcoa says it's been tough.

"It will cut your sermon short in weather like this,” says Pastor H. Wayne Simmons.

They're working on the problem and hope they don't have another Sunday like the most recent two.

"Like Sunday night, we had a full house and people fanning, but it was running on just one unit,” Pastor Simmons says.

For the AC repairman, he's hearing from a lot of people without air conditioning.

"’It's hot.’ I say come outside, come out here a minute,” but Dan Sutton is seeing a lot of hot weather himself, ten plus hours a day. He says if he's going to be hot it should be on the golf course.

"Never sweat on company time,” Sutton says. “Sweat on your own time."

But with 90 plus weather, Sutton says he's always prepared to beat the heat.

He says a lot of the work he does is fix problems that mowers cause when grass hits and clogs the coils on the outside unit.

"Pulls it right on the coil. During August, that's what I mainly do is clean coils. It's like putting cardboard in front of a radiator,” Sutton says he goes from call to call, but back at the church they've got everything ready just in time for Wednesday night services.

"What do you think the congregation is going to think when they walk in tonight?” McLamb asks.

“They're going to say Hallelujah,” the pastor says.

Sutton says the biggest thing in making sure you stay cool is to make sure your inside air coils are clean by changing the filter frequently.

Besides not mowing near your outside unit, Sutton says it always helps to have a repairman do a yearly checkup.