Group Checks on Elderly in the Heat

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Knoxville (WVLT) - Because their bodies can't handle the heat maybe the way they used to, we really can't stress enough how important it is to check on seniors during this heat wave.

Volunteer TV’s Stacy McCloud shows us how one local organization is going above and beyond their normal volunteer duties to deliver just that.

The sun’s beating down on the Mobile Meals kitchen, but it's certainly not slowing down volunteers.

If anything the heat is encouraging them to work even harder.

"It's so important that somebody come by during the day and check on them,” rain, sleet, snow, or sun, Joan Regester has faithfully driven her route for 15 years.

Today she is training a new volunteer. One of the most important things she can emphasize is that they do much more than deliver meals.

"Frequently a volunteer has found someone that has fallen or couldn’t get out of bed and they said ‘well I knew you delivered food and you would come help me,’" Spam says.

This weeks focus, the heat!

"A lot try to save on their KUB bill and they don’t turn on the A/C and you walk in and the sweat is just pouring off of them,” Joan says.

Curtains drawn, fans ready, and A/C on, you don't have to warn Samuel Johnson that it's hot outside! "I Like to sit on the porch, but I sat there yesterday and the heat, I could hardly get up out of that chair, that is how much that heat was."

Because of the dangers, he knows the heat can bring he's thankful someone cares enough to make sure he's keeping cool.

"I love people and the people that comes here are so nice and they treat me nice, talk nice to me and I just give the love back them,” says Mr. Johnson

Bringing comfort, in more ways than just the obvious.

"We're the only person a lot of them see,” Joan admits.

If volunteers observe any clients in situations where they have no air conditioning or fans, they contact the Office On Aging who tries to get one donated.

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