Knoxville native Mary WInkler's a Free Woman

SELMER, Tenn. (AP) -- The lawyer for a Selmer woman convicted last year of killing her preacher husband says she is free today.

Steve Farese Senior says Mary Winkler will now live in McMinnville, where she lived and worked at a dry cleaners before her trial.

Winkler was convicted this year of voluntary manslaughter in the 2006 shooting death of her husband, who was shot in the back as he slept. Prosecutors charged her with murder, but she was convicted of a lesser charge after saying she was abused by her husband Matthew, who was a Church of Christ minister in Selmer.

She served two months in a mental health facility after her conviction, and will now be on probation.

Winkler faces a legal battle with her husband's parents over the custody of her three children.

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