First Day Of School At Loudon High School

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(Loudon) WVLT - Wednesday was the first day of classes for students at Loudon High School, following three inspections by the fire marshal.

It was a big sigh of relief today for faculty and staff, as students finally made it back to school.

School leaders say everything on the mandated list has been addressed.

Everything went smoothly today, but school officials say things were a little hectic, when about 35 new students showed up this morning to register.

A few little things still need to be fixed, but they don't pose a danger and students can still be in the building.

For example, the director of schools says there are 13 sets of glass doors throughout the building that need to be replaced, that will cost several thousand dollars.

Inspectors are giving the school until fall break to have them replaced and everything else has to be done in a timely manner.

The school's fire alarm system was one of the major things that needed replacing before students could come back.

Inspectors will be back one more time to check the system.

The director of schools will ask the state school commissioner if they can use stockpile days to cover the last week of school students missed.

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