Houston Brothers Hearing Underway

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Roane County (WVLT) -- Prosecutors attempted to lay out enough evidence today to convince a judge that the Houston brothers murdered a sheriff's deputy and his ride along partner.

But typical with the Houston's, there were theatrics in the courtroom and a possible future defense of self-defense.

The judge heard arguments today during the preliminary hearing for Rocky and Leon Houston.

The two are accused of murdering Roane County Sheriff's deputy Bill Jones and auxiliary officer Mike Brown.

The hearing got off to a slow start as Rocky Houston made claims that his witnesses were being denied and that their was a conspiracy by court officials.

"Multiple counts of extortion with Thomas Austin, jury tampering, five hundred counts of mail fraud, and the United States Justice Department has got to come in here," said Rocky Houston.

The hearing got underway with what's believed to be the last law enforcement officer to see the pair alive.

Sheriff's Deputy Guy McGuckin is who communicated to Deputy Jones that their was an outstanding warrant for Rocky Houston's arrest.

"I did tell him I saw him sitting out on the front porch," McGuckin said.

Sometime later on that fateful 11th day of May 2006, shots were fired and Jones and Brown were killed.

An Oak Ridge officer testified that Rocky Houston had been found at a local Hospital.

"Pulled up at the MMC ER and we needed to respond up there," said Oak Ridge Police Officer Victor Owen. "Apparently, one of the subjects had a gunshot wound."

Officers testified at Leon Houston gave up to the Tennessee Highway Patrol at a relatives house because of longtime issues with local authorities.

"And it went back to the Civil War days where his family had been harassed," said THP Trooper Mike Melhorn. "He mentioned the Sheriff's Department, judges, attorneys."

But the defense also asked about other statements Leon Houston made to the THP after he was apprehended.

"He told me that he was trying to protect his self is what he had told me," Melhorn said.

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