Illegal Immigrants Threatened With Eviction, Deportation

LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- An apartment complex manager has sent a threatening letter to residents, telling them if they are in the country illegally they must leave their homes by the end of the month or be arrested and deported.

J. Carlos Maciel said his management company and the building owner will not accept or allow any illegal aliens to live in the apartments.

The three-paragraph letter was addressed to all tenants of the 24-unit Lakeview Apartments in Louisville (LOO'ihs-vil) just south of Knoxville.

Mercedes Strollo, Hispanic hot line coordinator for Legal Aid of East Tennessee, said the letter violates anti-discrimination laws and the Tennessee Human Rights Commission's fair housing regulations.

Strollo said residents must be given 30 days' written notice before they can be evicted -- and even then they can only be evicted for a reason like nonpayment of rent.

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