37,000 Warming Blankets Recalled

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Black Mountain, NC (WVLT) -- About 37,000 Classic Beautyrest Electric Warming Throws are being voluntarily recalled due to a possible fire hazard.

The throws are imported by International Home Fashions Inc. and their sister company, Bilt-Safe Technologies.

If a consumer bunches, folds or tucks the electric throw that could cause them to overheat, resulting in smoldering, melting or become a fire hazard.

In fact, their are at least 38 reports of the Chinese made warming blankets overheating, including at least 15 reports of fires and four reporting minor burns and other injuries to consumers.

The recalled throws measure 52-inches by 62-inches.

They are 100% acrylic and sold in various colors and patterns with the model number BST-06-THR.

Model numbers B00106 through B36506 are also included in the recall.
They were sold nationwide at K-Mart, the Fingerhut Catalogs and the LTD Commodities LLC website from August 2006 through February 2007.

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