Little League Softball Champions of the World

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Morristown (WVLT) -- For the first time a group of girls in Morristown can call themselves world champions.

The Morristown South All-Stars have won the 2007 Little League Softball World Series.

The 11 and 12 year olds deserve a huge congratulation on the accomplishment.

They are the first team from Tennessee to win a World Series Championship.

Nine of the girls go here to East Ridge Middle School and two others go to Westview.

The parents we talked to today are so happy for the girls.

They said watching them pull out the win was exciting and a little nerve racking.

They beat a team from Texas 3 to 2.

These ladies have some big fans, all of whom are looking forward to congratulating them when they get home.

"I think they did an awesome job in the World Series, they are all real good kids," said softball fan Tom Wells. "I know all of them personally and they are all just super fine. I think they did an awesome job."

Lots of people in town are looking forward to giving the girls a big high five, but the community has some even bigger plans including a parade.

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