Hurricane Dean Zeroing in on the Cayman Islands

(WVLT) - Hurricane Dean continues its march across the Caribbean this morning, after taking a swipe at Jamaica.

Pauline Chiou has the latest on where Dean is heading next.

Battered but still standing, Jamaica is waking up to clean up the mess left behind by Hurricane Dean.

"It looks like most of the island of Jamaica has missed this hurricane so it may not be the catastrophe that we feared," says Bryan Norcross, CBS News Hurricane Analyst.

The island avoided a direct hit, but it was hard to tell as the Category 4 storm ripped roofs off homes, flooded the capital, and forced hundreds into shelters.

Dean's Caribbean rampage has already killed at least 8 people, with winds of at least 145 miles per hour and dumping rains of up to 20 inches.

The next stop on Dean's hit list is Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

In Cancun, residents boarded up windows and stripped store shelves bare while tourists tried to enjoy the calm before the storm.

"I don't know where we're going yet, but we're going somewhere safe," said tourist Lee Brownell.

Many tourists are dealing with ruined vacations.

"They told us we can't check in, so now we have to go home back to New York, tonight at midnight," said a woman on her honeymoon.

"We flew into Cancun, and we stayed here exactly 24 hours," said another tourist.

Dean is the first major hurricane of the Atlantic season and eyes from Grand Cayman to the Gulf Coast are looking to see where next mother nature will cause major problems.

Preliminary evacuation plans are already in effect for some of southeast texas.

Even though there should be no major impact, one official said they'd rather be safe than sorry.

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