Sewage Backup Sends Some Union County Students Home Early

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(Maynardville) WVLT- Union County school leaders dismissed school at Maynardville Elementary Monday morning at 10:30 am because of a water and sewage problem.

Union County School spokesperson Wayne Goforth says that around lunch time, cafeteria workers began to smell something odd, and noticed water seeping onto the floor.

Goforth says after officials checked the grease trap, they determined it was clogged, and that caused the problem with the sewer.

The grease trap catches things that could stop up pipes on the way out.

"We will be working throughout the day sanitizing and cleaning everything up, throwing the food away and getting the school ready for lunch tomorrow," Goforth told Volunteer TV News

the break isn't going to last long for students though.

The cleanup will continue into the night, and school is expected to be held as normal tomorrow

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