Property Tax Plan For Knox Co. Seniors

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(Knoxville) WVLT - Senior citizens living in Knox County may soon lose the burden of having their property taxes increase.

Commissioner Mike Hammond is asking his colleagues to work on a plan that would freeze the property taxes of those who qualify.

Eighty percent of Knox County voters recently approved the idea.

Now it's up to commissioners to get the plan in place.

And while there are many details to iron out, it appears that anyone would qualify, if they are over the age of 65, and have a household income of less than $32,240.

It's unclear how the move would affect long-term property tax collections for the rest of the county.

Knox County Commissioner Mike Hammond says, "That's one of the things that we need to look at, the effect of any lost revenue we might have.
We're not saying they're not paying taxes, their property taxes would simply be frozen. So we'll need to take a look at that and see. It's my understanding that we're not looking at a significant impact, although I'm sure there will be a minor impact.

Commissioner Hammond thinks there will be little if any problems getting the plan in motion and is expected to be in place next year.

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