FDA Taking Action After Sunscreen Label Concerns

(WVLT) - Some new studies show that many sunscreens on the market may not do what they promise, protect you from the damaging rays of the sun.

The studies suggest that most available sunscreens do little, if anything, to protect against skin cancer and skin aging.

Now, the Food and Drug Administration is proposing sweeping new standards for sunscreen.

They want a new four star labeling system that would rate the sunscreen's protection.

They also want to crack down on vague label claims, that they say could make you believe your sunscreen is doing something it can't.
"Fifty percent of products on the market have claims on the bottle that could mean the product is misbranded or that are misleading to consumers," says Jane Houlihan with the Environmental Working Group.

The FDA proposals probably won't take effect until 2009.

For now, they recommends looking for the following products on the ingredients label, that mean the sunscreen is protecting you from UVA and UVB rays:

Titanium dioxide

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