H.O.G. Day's and Harsh Heat

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- Bikers from across the country went hog wild at Chilhowee Park today.

We caught up with some of the thousands of bikers at the 24th Annual Harley Owner's Group Rally trying to beat the heat.

It was scorching hot outside and the water was going down as fast as the bikes that were coming in at the Chilhowee Harley Owners Group rally.

"It's very, very busy," said Robin Wilson who works in a concession stand at Chilhowee Park. "Lots of bottled water."

Some bikers say they have gulped down at least a gallon or more.

Chilhowee Concessions staff members spent the day doing their best to keep about 18,000 H.O.G. members hydrated.

"It's been very hot and a lot of people have been borderline wanting to faint, so we're trying to get as much bottled water out as we can all over the place," Robin said.

Most of these bikers are completely covered up in this 90-plus degree weather.

"They say don't dress for the weather, dress for the crash," said Gary White, one of the H.O.G. members. "So we always dress appropriately, no matter how hot it is."

That's why you'll find a lot of them soaking up the misting station.

"We sweat quite profusely," said Patricia, another H.O.G. member. "The mist creates a breeze and you just stand in the breeze."

"It's hot here," says Chris Rhind, another H.O.G. rider. "Not too bad if you're moving, keeping air on you."

That's why he always keeps his source of fuel right next to his tank.

"Gatorade, coke and water," he says. "A lot of it, because the wind dehydrates you with the heat."

Biker Tim Oliver agreed.

"Lots of beverage like Gatorade, water and beer."

Despite the fiery temperatures, bikers say they're still in Hog Heaven.

"We have a good time, great people and great motorcycles," Oliver said.

A lot of the bikers came from across the country just to get here.

"Coming down that hill and seeing all the bikes parked in the parking lot, that was incredible." White said.

The Harley rally started yesterday and ended Saturday night.

It was expected to bring about $10 million into Knoxville.

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