Girls Offer Tickets For Buddy's Return

Knoxville (WVLT) -- Two little girls are making a desperate appeal for their puppy's return.

"Just return him as soon as soon as possible," said Morgan Novello. "We aren't going to press charges, we just love him very much."

Morgan and her sister Madison miss their six lb poodle named Buddy.

Buddy accompanied their father to the video store yesterday on Northshore Drive near Pellissippi Parkway.

For just a few minutes the pup obediently stayed in the car with the engine and air conditioning running.

Then in the blink of an eye, the car was gone.

Security cameras show a man opening the unlocked door and driving off.

Morgan and Madison were devastated when they learned the news.

So they're offering a special reward to try to get Buddy back.

The reward is their much sought after floor seats to the Hannah Montana Concert.

Tickets that are going for nearly a $1000 a piece online.

The girls father is less concerned that his car was stolen and more concerned about Buddy.

The car is insured, I don't care about the car," said Henry Favire, the girls father. We want the dog, my daughters are nine and ten years old, they are devastated. This is their first dog ever and they are so devastated they are willing to give up their Hanna Montana concert tickets as a reward."

The family needs your help.

"We're hoping that maybe the perpetrator dropped the dog off somewhere, in a neighborhood or off to the side of the road and someone picked him up, we are praying and hoping for that," Favire said.

Buddy has black fluffy fur with a white stripe going down his chest.

If you can help, you can contact the family by calling 865-257-2348 or 865-671-3491.

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