Holiday Lives Up To Its Name

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Knoxville (WVLT) While most of you spent this Labor Day picnicing with family and friends, others were hard at work.

Maremont workers even continued their strike.

Volunteer TV's Kim Bedford shows us why today wasn't a holiday for everyone.

Labor Day, typically a break from the real world, takes on a whole new meaning for about 250 Maremont workers in Loudon County.

Sherry Eilerman, Maremont worker on strike says, "if we back down on a holiday, what would be the point?"

Local 25-45 Union Member Eilerman, says they've been striking for seven months now.

"It's very frustrating. Not knowing is the worst part, because you don't know one day from the next, and you know, how much longer are we going to sit out here? How much longer is he going to hold out?"

Plant owner Kenneth Banks wasn't available for comment today.

He met with the union about three weeks ago and never came to an agreement for a new contract.

Eilerman says, "we're out here for fair labor practices. We're out here because of inhumane treatment that we got inside the plant."

Meanwhile, the streets are pretty quiet around town as businesses closed up for holiday.

But not everyone took the day off.

Angie Farmer is laboring at Gondolier on this Labor Day.

"Since I'm working a double today I don't really have that many plans."

Farmer says today should serve as a reminder of how grateful people should be to have a job.

"I know a lot of people just complain about how they work all the time and everything, but just think of where else would you be if you didn't have a job."

While some people are working and others are striking, the majority of folks are just enjoying the day off.

Amanda Owen says, "running around, playing in the water, splashing each other. A nice time with your family, a break from working."

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