Senior Companions

Knoxville (WVLT) - The numbers are up.

The need is up.

Volunteers are needed.

If this sounds like a recruiting slogan, it is.

The Senior Companion Program is in need of seniors to offer companionship to other seniors.

Volunteer TV's Jim Freeman catches up with a retired college professor serving as a senior companion.

"She won't hurt anybody."

Welcome to Mac's place.

Mac Davenport, Central High class of '63 says, "It was a bedroom and this is the hall. This is the only home I've ever known."

And thanks to Senior Companion Thorne Glander, it remains Mac's home.

Thorne Glander is a volunteer in the Senior Companion Program and visits Mac every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and says, "And the main thing is that it keeps him in his own house and he doesn't have to go to a nursing home or assisted living like some people have suggested, because he can take care of himself."

Seniors helping seniors is the main theme of the Senior Companion Program, and it's main focus is to offer enough support to give seniors more options like keeping their independence.

Mac Davenport says, "Oh, my little baby angel Collette."

The retired college professor is Mac's companion, but Collette clearly is the star of this show.

A four-hour visit from Thorne and Collette goes by in a blink. And when Thorne leaves.

Thorne Glander says, "And I have to pick her up and carry her. She won't leave."

Mac Davenport says, "I just can't do without them."

And the feeling is mutual.

Thorne says, "I guarantee you that it will do your heart good."

Mac Davenport says, "He has a heart of gold."

He also has wheels.

Mac Davenport says, "He goes to the store for me."

Thorne Glander says, "I went today and bought him cottage cheese, two milks, some drinks."

Mac Davenport says, "He goes to the drug store for me. He goes to the dry cleaners for me."

He knows to always bring along Collette, too.

Thorne Glander says, "I came over one time without Collette. He wouldn't let me in the front door."

Currently about 100 senior companions are serving a couple of hundred clients.

However, the list of those needing a senior companion is more than 400.

To learn more about becoming a senior companion click on the link.

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